# days since the last prominent homophobe came out pro-gay:


Latest winner: Rev. McKrae Game (HfW), Aug. 30, 2019

founder of Southern Baptist "conversion therapy" organization came out ex-ex-gay; wants "all ex-gay ministry dismantled"

at least admitted it, or came out voluntarily

did a 180° change and started supporting gay rights after coming out

made significant pro-LGBT impact after coming out

Why do I list people who now support gay rights? Because they used to be gay homophobes.
It's important to show both that another anti-gay person in power was hypocritical, and that people can change.

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Inclusion criteria:

  1. had power (political, religious, or social),
  2. used that power anti-LGBT, and
  3. turned out to be a closet case.

Political/religious affiliation is not a factor.

Being a closet case who's not actively anti-gay is just sad, not hypocritical, so doesn't count.

Pedophilia isn't homosexuality, so that doesn't either.

Yes, most of them are probably bi, not gay, but "biorgaypeoplewhoopposegayrights.com" isn't quite as quippy. ;-)

Truth Wins Out is an organization fighting the ex-gay bullshit espoused by so many homophobic closet cases in power.

You should consider giving them a donation.

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