# days since the last prominent homophobe was caught in a gay sex scandal:


Latest winner: David Matheson (LDS), Jan. 20, 2019

Mormon "gay conversion" therapist came out as ex-ex-gay but pro-ex-gay

at least admitted it, or came out voluntarily

did a 180° change and started supporting gay rights after coming out

Why do I list people who now support gay rights? Because they used to be gay homophobes.
It's important to show both that another anti-gay person in power was hypocritical, and that people can change.

Inclusion criteria:

  1. had power (political, religious, or social),
  2. used that power anti-LGBT, and
  3. turned out to be a closet case.

Political/religious affiliation is not a factor.

Being a closet case who's not actively anti-gay is just sad, not hypocritical, so doesn't count.

Pedophilia isn't homosexuality, so that doesn't either.

Truth Wins Out is an organization fighting the ex-gay bullshit espoused by so many homophobic closet cases in power.

You should consider giving them a donation.

Some comments…

Mar 7: August 2011 winner Roberto Arango finally came out.

Feb 28: Rainbow star winner Ken Mehlman's pro-gay conservative lobby has submitted an amicus brief in the Prop 8 case, signed by almost 100 prominent Republicans. He now gets two rainbow stars for his outstanding work.

Feb 24: How sadly ironic that a cardinal who claimed that "civil partnerships … are harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of those involved" would cause the same to those in his care. Ah, the closet.

Nov 21: Ken Mehlman, rainbow star winner, has a new, pro-gay conservative political organization.

Nov 9: Coming-out trend couldn't last forever. Back to schadenfreude it is.

Jul 28: Yes, I heard about Jonathan Merritt. However, I'm going to have to disagree with the characterization there. First, I don't think he's really "in power"; he's a mid-level blogger with no authority over anyone. Although some of his writing supports an anti-gay agenda (e.g. a prohibition on same-sex marriage), the Chick-Fil-A piece that most people refer to doesn't really; it's more an argument for separating economic from moral decisions. Yes, he's clearly closeted and deeply conflicted about it; that's a very sad thing. I acknowledge that this is a borderline case, but I'm not comfortable promoting him to winner status for it. Thanks for the tips, regardless.

Jun 9: I saw the HuffPo story on Crist, but I don't think the source is reliable. Please email me if you find confirmation from someone other than a political opponent's lawyer. Also, LMK if you find any anti-gay policy statements on TN Comm. Ownby — I don't list people merely because they're Republican.

May 30: A journalist named José María Fernández Calleja claimed that Carlos Dívar, anti-gay head judge of the Spanish supreme court, was using government money to pay for luxury hotel visits with his boyfriend. If you can find a substantiation of this accusation (and/or response from Dívar), please email me.

May 17: Yes, I saw the Paul Cameron interview. He's against gay actions, which he's probably not doing, and not gay orientation, which he probably has. He's a bigoted fuckwit who lies about the facts, but he's not hypocritical. Sorry.

May 2: Trend it is: four in a row. Welcome out, Zach!

Apr 20: In honor of three successive rainbow stars, I've rewritten the heading. I hope it's a trend.

If you're a closeted conservative gay man or woman, there are basically two stories you can be in.

The old story: you live a life of suppressed desperation. When you get outed — and you will get outed — it's a big scandal that ruins your life. Arango, Rekers, Curtis, Allen, Craig, Haggard.

The new story: you come out voluntarily and support gay rights while retaining essentially all of your other conservative and religious beliefs. You retain support from all your existing conservative friends (except the guys who are forcing you into the closet, who aren't your friends anyway), and you gain a whole new base too. Marks, Lehman, Babeu, Smid, Mehlman, Ashburn.

Your choice.